Friday, October 15, 2010

The Virus...

Why is it such a constant struggle to deal with people everyday? I'm talking about those people that insist on making life difficult for everyone around them whether by choice or out of pure and innocent stupidity. We live in a world of many different types of animals, but I think its safe to say that human beings are the most diverse, cruel, and separated life forms. We love each other one minute and then the next we wish we had never met you. By common laws of nature everything is, for the most part, consistent, but not so much for us. Even change in nature is pretty consistent. I admit that I change my mood and personality from one person to the next, but some people are like Dr. Jeckle and Mr Jackass. Shouldn't we all treat each other with, the very least, common respect? Is it really that difficult to try and be a nice person or a decent human being to those around us? Especially those who we have come to know and trust. I think there are some pretty tough people in the world who seem impervious to the subtle attacks of mean-spirited individuals, and I consider myself one of them, but at the end of the day nature conquers my immunity and my brick wall is eroded away. Some have no emotional defense at all. I'd even go as far to say there are those with a steel fortress guarding their emotions, but no one is invincible, everyone gets hurt, and in the end we try and rebuild our redoubt. It's in our nature to be defensive as well as offensive. Negativity can spread like a virus, but I think being positive is a far stronger emotions and will always win. We just don't see enough of it in the world today to see it work. I don't expect the world to change over night, in fact it's my prediction that things will consistently get worse, so it's up to us to decide whether to break down our barriers or build them so strong that eventually we aren't even recognizable as humans anymore.

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